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E-Bike Stories

E-bikes in the future. What will they look like? Like these, maybe
"Electric Bikes in United States" Lots of stats, and photos, and interesting results of a survey of e-bike owners.
Are you sitting for long hours? take note! - a very important warning here
Want the fastest electric bike? Here'show to build an 80kmh bike (Note it's a big 70MB file)
An exerpt from Navigant Research on the global electric bike market and trends
E-Bike testing in Iceland plus wonderful scenery...glaciers, hot springs,volcanoes
latest smart wheelsElectron Wheel, FlyKly Wheel, Cophenhagen Wheel - motor, battery and controller all in one wheel
10 lists of 10 e-bike articles from crashes, fastest, dangers, wierd, to tips about e-bikes
Lose weight by riding an E-Bike ? Yes you can !
There are very many good reasons to buy an e-bike, all good for you
Very good for you, especially that you can add years of happier, healthier, mobile life
There are some misleading claims about e-bikes about
Fueled motorised bicycles are not legal on road
How fast can an e-bike go? uphill?
E-Bike laws in Australia and EN15194 eplained

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