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10 Reasons to have an Electric Bicycle

Why you should get an electric bike

An electric bicycle is one of the lesser known great marvels of today’s exercise and commuting world. The e-bike can turn almost any situation, for anyone, into a fun filled, trailblazing session of excitement.

Today’s electric bicycle features are a laundry list of high tech gadgets (like rechargeable batteries) and simple pleasures that should make anyone who enjoys a bike ride (and even some of those that don’t) want to cruise around town. You don’t have to completely take my word or the electric bike specs for granted either, because here are 10 great reasons to win yourself over with:

1. Fun & Safe - You can’t really beat the all star, 1-2 punch of an electric bicycle being fun and safe. Just about anyone that hops on one of these beauties and gets to feel the ease of peddling mixed with the comforting hum of a powerful electric motor is sold on it’s fun factor. Turning the simplest jaunts into an electric cruise that will keep the wind in your hair and a smile on your face, you will find that no one takes just one ride. Electric bikes are a great way to keep exercise simple and safe too.

With a variety of designs and features, e-bikes can really branch out an athletic arm to even the most apprehensive person. From too young, to injured, to just a little older and less confident about their strength, the e-bike offers a safer and easier environment to get exercise in, without any of the fears and limitations of an only manual-powered bike.

2. Reduce Pollution - In today’s world, you won’t get very far without considering or being persuaded to consider making decisions that are more “green,” or in other words, better for our environment. The e-bike is about as green as it gets. With rechargeable battery packs, on top of the already green, human-powered design of a bike, the e-bike will get you to most places a car will but with much less of a carbon footprint. Start doing your part now and help keep the green where it should be.

3. Save Money – Who doesn’t want to save money with the recession we are in? I know I do, which is why I look to an e-bike. With an e-bike there are huge costs that you can avoid. From as big as actually avoid buying a car and replacing it with an e-bike, to just using an e-bike to supplement your existing transportation modalities, there is money to be kept in your wallet. The rechargeable battery pack will go far in both saving the environment, but more importantly, saving you trips to the gas station. I know I’m glad I have my e-bike before gas prices rise again for summer!

4. Commuting – Want to save time and money commuting? As mentioned above, we know that an e-bike will save you money that would be spent on gassing up your car, but do you know it will also save time? The average bike ride to work is faster or as fast as the equivalent driving commute, except you get to take away all of the frustration and even add in some mood-elevating, endorphin-driven, exercise to your daily routine.

5. Parking – To follow up the ways that an e-bike will relieve commuting, don’t forget about the dread of every commuting experience – finding parking at your destination. Even if you have a reserved parking structure, it is often nice to avoid the beautiful concrete monstrosities and be able to ride right to the door of where you are trying to go.

We also can’t forget those who have to pay for parking, or who have a lot of meters around where they live. We all could use cheaper and easier parking options, or if nothing else, at least a reprieve from parking tickets.

6. Control Over Pace – Now it might sound a little wordy, but what I am trying to say here is that an electric bicycle offers you great versatility in HOW you exercise. Want to just get the blood flowing on your way to work without getting your clothes sweaty? Done. Want to take your favorite scenic route but you are afraid of that one super steep hill on the way home? Taken care of!

With the ease of mixing in a motor power to match or replace your peddling, let yourself be in control of how much exertion you give and lose all those fears and anxieties about exercising!

7. Spending Time Outdoors – As sad as it may sound, do you know that some adolescents in America are being diagnosed with Rickets? If you don’t know what that is, it is a Vitamin D deficiency that will cause poor bone development. This is happening because the kids love staying indoors, mostly endlessly on youtube or gaming online, and not getting the necessary daily sun exposure. While there is always a necessity to also be careful of getting too much of the Sun’s UV, some exposure is essential. Get yourself or your kids on an e-bike and make sure that they don’t mind a daily cruise through the magnificent outdoors. Going to school that way also serves a useful purpose.

8. Less Requirements – Simply put, an e-bike takes less to get up and running than other forms of transportation. A car, truck or motorcycle requires driver’s licenses, let alone registration and insurance for them, which is something an e-bike will never expect you to have. Whether physical or personal, the ease of avoiding a car can be fully utilized if you own an electric bicycle.

9. Less Maintenance – An e-bike also is going to be cheaper and longer lasting in the need-to-repair department. While an e-bike or its components might not seem that cheap at first glance, you have to realize what kind of expenses it will be able to replace. An untimely car breakdown can be an expensive and time consuming venture, and one that might be completely avoided with an electric bicycle.

10. No More Excuses – Probably my favorite reason, but also the most amorphous one. At the end of the day, if you wanted me to give you the most important reason to get an e-bike it is so that you don’t have any more excuses. If you are wondering – what does he mean no more excuses? I am referring to verything. From the reasons listed in items 1-9 and more, an e-bike can take away so much of the hesitation and frustration of daily exercise, commuting, or errand running, and even add more fun to those activities than before. You won’t ever be too tired, too hurt, too lazy, too young, or even too old to hop on an e-bike and take a spin around the block.



This article by Electric Bike .com is well worth reading by anyone interested in mid drive e-bikes. These bikes will become more common in the more expensive bikes and conversion kits.

There are many factory mid drive e-bikes appearing now. Many of the best e-bike brands now have or will have models with a mid drive. These are highly priced e-bikes…because the mid drive motors that are installed are much more expensive than a hub motor, and because the factory takes one of the top models and modifies the frame to incorporate the mid drive motor.

Almost all of the mid drive motors replace the usual bottom bracket. The frame tubing is cut back from where it would join a bottom bracket and is welded to the case of the much larger motor.

The  factories making the bikes will have a supply contract with one of the factories making the mid drive motors. For instance Cannondale and Trek and many european bike brands choose a Bosch motor.


By that I mean that the e-bike has been designed around the motor.

Optibike,  Hanebrink



That is almost all of them.

Bosch, Kalkhoff, eProdigy, Continental (the tyre maker), Panasonic, MPF 5.0, Electrgil Acron, Conway, TranzX, Yamaha, Cevedale, Evation, Bionicon, and Protanium Diavelo.

Bosch Mid Drive
Bosch Mid Drive incorporated into a Trek


There are factories in China making large numbers of a cylindrical motor with a worm reduction gear that drives a chainwheel. This is a much cheaper arrangement than the integral mid drive motor and chainwheel incorporated into the frame. The brands with this arrangement of mid drive motor include HiTek, Evelo and Aseako.

Chainwheel Mid Motor
Chainwheel Mid Motor


These motors have integrated motor and chainwheel and can directly replace the pedals and chainwheel of most bikes. The motors are made by AEG and Bafang. Bafang BBS02 is being made in thousands and will appear in some brands and is available singly for individual e-bike conversion.

Bafang BBS02 Mid motor
Bafang BBS02 (without chainwheel and cranks)

PS . I have a 250Watt and 350Watt BBS02 that I am trying. I’ll sell them soon. See Conversion Kits




Another 10 of from Electric

In contrast to the 10 fastest electric bikes in production these speedsters are made by real enthusiasts. To eliminate false claims they needed a YouTube video to prove a claim. There would probably be many who have posted on endless sphere, and bragged about, their fast e-bike that came out of their garage. Let them prove theirs is faster.  

The 10 bikes are rated 1 to 10. The number 1 is Liveforphysic’s “Death-Bike” claiming 129 kph. Hey, are you pedalling that bike?





10 Fastest Production Electric Bikes

One of the many list of 10 of from Electric
Up to 100kph, nice! These are actually in production, but none are legal on a road, anywhere, even in US, and the only one you might see here is the Stealth bike…
because it is made here. (Nothing over 250w can be imported.)

The bikes are reviewed and ranked for speed, sexiness, stealth, weight and (high) price. Scroll through and wonder what are pedals on these for? Ah, yes, so they can be called a bicycle.