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A pair of pedals that ARE an electric bicycle conversion

Convert a Bike by adding a pair of pedals!

I just found out about this, and I think it’s a brilliant invention. Wish I’d thought of it. See the image below : a pair of pedals that ARE an electric bike. The pedals turn the bike into an electric bike. but how?

pedal e-bike conversion
these pedals convert a bike

Have you ever had a pedal jam and not rotate? It’s annoying. As the crank goes around the stuck pedal rotates under your foot and makes it hard to pedal. These pedals have the opposite effect. The motor inside makes them rotate with respect to the crank but your foot keeps them horizontal, and that forces the crank to rotate.
Obviously there are limitations in getting motor plus battery into something as small as a pedal. If you have seen my post on the Vivax Assist motor that has 200 Watt motor within a seat tube you know that getting a motor small enough is not such a problem, but getting a battery small enough, and useful enough is.
Therefore these will not replace a 250 Watt conversion nor go as far as a typical 36V 10AH battery but will give some “help”…an extra one third of your power and for 15km they say.
The main benefit of these pedals is that they can easily be added to a bike, any bike, and taken off and put on another bike, and require no battery or wiring. This is similar in effect (but less clever or powerful) to the all-in-one wheel conversions such as FlyKly wheel that I mention in another post here.
Another advantage is that the pedals are in effect a “central motor” because they work on the chain and through the bike’s gears as a central motor does.
The on/off happens by flipping the pedals over. So they are alway on, or always off. There not being a throttle or PAS is a disadvantage.
Find out more about these at Britt technologies




FlyKly’s mission is to promote cycling around the world, help grow a strong cycling community and make cities more bicycle friendly. Our goal throughout has been to develop the best possible products of the highest quality and offer you the best service you could wish for, as well as establish a strong production.

We have progressed wonderfully with our App, as well as with the Smart Light. When it comes to the Smart Wheel, our primary goal is again to give you the product of truly the best possible quality. This is why we have decided to use the technology of ZeHuS, the company that has done a fantastic job with developing Bike+ technology.

With your great support this project become a reality and as a result, FlyKly now offers 4 products: Smart Wheel, Wize Bicycle, Smart Light and the App.


From the start, the concept of the Smart Wheel was a lightweight and highly efficient all-in-one design pedal assist wheel that fits on practically any bicycle. That’s what the old Smart Wheel was and the new Smart Wheel represents. The difference is that the new Smart Wheel comes with big improvements in design, materials and technology, thanks to the patented innovative solutions developed by ZeHuS. It makes the initial concept even more to the point. It’s a lightweight, highly efficient pedal assist wheel. We are proud to present to you a new and improved Smart Wheel.

Old Smart Wheel & New Smart Wheel
Old Smart Wheel & New Smart Wheel



The new Smart Wheel is smaller and lighter, in fact it’s 50% smaller and 30% lighter. It only weighs 3 kg and measures 180mm in diameter. Riding with the new Smart Wheel, you do not feel you have any extra weight or drag on the bicycle because most of the parts are stationary. Also, it’s so small that it can barely be noticed on the bicycle, so the appearance of your bicycle does not change.

It fits on practically any bicycle. The dropout stays the same, 120mm – 135mm, as well as the wheel sizes available; 700C (28”), 26”, and 20”.

New FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZehuS
New FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZehuS

Range & Speed 

Extensive testing and research have shown that the majority of people don’t ride their bicycle for more than 30 km a day, so we’ve realized it would be much better to have a lighter, smaller Smart Wheel with a 160Wh lithium battery with 30 – 40 km range, than a heavier and larger Smart Wheel with more range. It has proved more efficient, because this way you do not carry around the large battery, with the extra energy and weight.

The top speed Smart Wheel assists you with is 25 km/h. This is required by law in many countries around the world. This means that the Smart Wheel will assist you until you reach 25 km/h. Once you go over the 25 km/h, the Smart Wheel motor will turn off and let you pedal on your own. You can continue to pedal and increase the speed; there is no limit to how fast you can go. But once you get back to 25 km/h, the motor turns on and starts to assist you again.


The new Smart Wheel comes with the aluminium housing. To be exact, 6082-T6 aluminium. It’s much sturdier and weather proof. The aluminium helps to cool the motor and the batteries.

Tracking / Security 

The App enables you to track and map your rides. If you wish, you can anonymously share your ride info with the city officials to help build more bicycle friendly cities. This feature uses the GPS from your smartphone. The App also locks your Smart Wheel. This is the first step in security.

In case the Smart Wheel gets stolen, we have previously been planning to install GPS in the wheel. Instead, we have developed a superior security system. All the Smart Wheels will be registered to their users. FlyKly customers will need to create an account, register the Smart Wheel and connect it with the App. So in case your Smart Wheel gets stolen, the thief will need to connect the App to the Smart Wheel with the pin code in order to use it. When connecting the App and the Smart Wheel, we will receive the thief’s info and location from their smartphone. This way, we will be able to track your Smart Wheel by location and by who is currently using it. This is a much more secure, elegant system, with no bypass.


We have secured all the certificates, so the new Smart Wheel comes with the Bluetooth 2.3. This opens a much broader range of smartphones available to be used with the Smart Wheel.


The new Smart Wheel comes with a much improved motor brake. This is possible due to the technology provided by ZeHuS. When you start pedaling backwards, the motor slows down the bicycle with the regenerative braking. While, braking the motor also regenerates energy. This is a great feature but by the law the bicycle has to be equaled with at least one mechanical brake in the front or back. Incase you would like to have the rear brake, the Smart Wheel works with the v brakes. Disc or coastal brakes do not work with the Smart Wheel. Regenerative braking, charging & riding uphill.


The new aluminium housing is perfect for colors and the most popular colors so far are white, silver and glow in the dark.

In the Box

FlyKly Smart Wheel powered by ZeHuS already assembled and fitted to a wheel rim of your choice, along with a bicycle tube and a tire. FlyKly Smart Light with an adhesive surface for holding your smartphone and a dynamo generator included. An electric charger for charging the Smart Wheel.

At Glance


FlyKly bicycle with the Wize hub powered by ZeHuS is state of the art in terms of technology and efficiency. It is the first product of its kind on the market. The Wize hub comes with all the features of the Smart Wheel plus the Bike+ technology, which enables the no-recharging function. Bike+ just won a prestigious golden prize for innovation in China Cycle 2014. This is truly a breakthrough in the development of electric vehicles.

Wize Bicycle #000
Wize Bicycle #000

The Wize hub 

The Wize hub is packed with the patented technology called Bike+ developed by ZeHuS and inspected by Extra Energy Lab. It’s not just pedal assist: it’s a technology that measures your effort, motor effort and the slope assistance. Special formula developed by ZeHuS makes calculations to provide the proper assistance and recharge the battery when the assistance is not necessary.

In other words, Wize Hub assists you by working with your body, assisting when you need it and regenerating the energy when you are going down a slope, braking or can sustain the speed on it own. Although there is a charging plug, there is no need for external sources of energy, the Wize hub has no range limit.

Regarding the battery, the depletion depends on the conditions of the ride. In some conditions (constant speed) the assistance is limited, and in other conditions (typically long ascents) the battery can get deployed. This can also happen when you chooses the pedal assist mode, which gives you the maximum assistance and the battery level will decrease. The App allows you to set the levels of assistance and regeneration. The subservience of the Wize hub is 90% max and the regeneration is 80% max. Read more

Smart Technology 

The Wize hub holds several international patents.


Wize hub needs to be preinstalled on a bicycle. Special mounting is required, therefore we do not offer the Wize hub separately. We developed a bicycle that fits best with the Wize hub and we offer it as a complete product.

In the Box 

Wize hub assembled on the bicycle. Bicycle with all the necessary components. FlyKly Smart Light with an adhesive surface for holding your smartphone and dynamo generator included. An electric charger for charging the Smart Wheel.


We have updated the iOS app with new updates. Thank you all for your feedback so far. The Android app is in the works and will be available through Google Play soon.

The SDK Kit is also on its way and will be available in July 2014. Backers who got the SDK Kit will get a special access to our serves and direct contact with our development team. We are looking forward working with you and have you on the team. We can’t wait to see what you will be working on. We would be happy to hear and discuss any ideas / plans with you so please reach out so we can start working together.


The Smart Light is in production and is shaping out nicely. We’ll write more about the Smart Light in the following updates.


We increased the price of the Smart Wheel and introduced the new Wize Bicycle last week. The new price for the Smart Wheel is $800. The price for the Wize Bicycle is $1800.

You, our backers, will not be affected by the price increase. You will receive the new Smart Wheel at the price you pledged: $550 Early bird, $590 and $700 SDK kit.

If you are interested in Wize Bicycle, you can use your pledge towards the price of the Wize Bicycle and pay the difference. In the next update, we will also explain the registration process and how to choose the product you want in more detail.


The production was moved to Italy. Extra shipping costs might apply, but we’ll have more information on this in the following updates.


Production of the Smart Wheel and Wize Bicycle is located in Italy. We already have most of the tools ready to start the production. The final part we are waiting on is the molds for the aluminium housing. It will be ready in July. The app is in the final stages of development and testing. Certificates for most of the components were approved. In the following updates, we will take you behind the scenes of our production and show you how things are made.

Delivery time has moved and we will start to ship in September 2014. The delivery of the Wize Bicycle will start in December 2014. The SDK kit app will become available in July 2014.

We decided to offer you the new Smart Wheel instead of the old Smart Wheel now, because we didn’t want to deliver the old Smart Wheel to you and in 3 months offer a new, much improved Smart Wheel. We want to provide you with the best product and service and we believe that offering the new Smart Wheel and Wize Bicycle to you now is great.

We are very happy about where we stand today. We have improved and better products, a production to produce the highest quality products and a team to innovate and improve our products even further. The concept of the Smart Wheel is now a reality and very close to becoming a part of our everyday life. In a long road of bringing this concept to life, we are at the final step: the production! It wouldn’t be possible without your support and help and we really appreciate it! We have come a long way together.

In the following update #14, we will introduce the process of registering as a FlyKly customer and choosing the product. In the following updates, we will focus on the production and report to you the user experiences from our test drives. We have test drives available in our offices in Milan, Italy. If you would like to come visit us, please let us know. Some of the backers already scheduled the visit. In May we will have test drives available in New York City, San Francisco & Los Angeles. After that we will do more test drives, so please let us know where would you like to see us.

Best Regards,

FlyKly & ZeHuS

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Central drive conversion motors are becoming more talked about. I see a lot of lookers for the Bafang unit. That’s quite discreet but here is a very much neater and “invisible” conversion.
With this motor installed it is not at all obviously an electric bike. The motor is completely hidden within the down tube and secretly drives the pedal axle . In order to do that the makers (Gruber Antrieb GmbH)

Vivax Assist - an invisible conversion
Vivax Assist – an invisible conversion

have designed an extremely thin motor…so thin that it fits in a bike’s down tube. 200 Watts in such a thin motor is quite an achievement. Not all bikes though have a tube thin enough. The tube needs to be 31mm clear, and maybe it needs to be filed at the junction with the bottom bracket. In keeping with the secret motor the battery hangs from the saddle and looks like a bike tool bag. One little problem with that is that the battery …30v and 5.5AH … has only less than half the capacity of a typical 36v 10AH bike battery. Though, the whole conversion, motor and battery is etremely light at a hardly noticeable 1.7kg!.
I can’t see these being installed on any ordinary bike. Why? The recommended price is EUR2550 and EUR159 to install. That’s over $AU4000! Well, it’s the ultimate sneaky conversion for anyone who doesn’t want to look like they are riding an electric bike.



This article by Electric Bike .com is well worth reading by anyone interested in mid drive e-bikes. These bikes will become more common in the more expensive bikes and conversion kits.

There are many factory mid drive e-bikes appearing now. Many of the best e-bike brands now have or will have models with a mid drive. These are highly priced e-bikes…because the mid drive motors that are installed are much more expensive than a hub motor, and because the factory takes one of the top models and modifies the frame to incorporate the mid drive motor.

Almost all of the mid drive motors replace the usual bottom bracket. The frame tubing is cut back from where it would join a bottom bracket and is welded to the case of the much larger motor.

The  factories making the bikes will have a supply contract with one of the factories making the mid drive motors. For instance Cannondale and Trek and many european bike brands choose a Bosch motor.


By that I mean that the e-bike has been designed around the motor.

Optibike,  Hanebrink



That is almost all of them.

Bosch, Kalkhoff, eProdigy, Continental (the tyre maker), Panasonic, MPF 5.0, Electrgil Acron, Conway, TranzX, Yamaha, Cevedale, Evation, Bionicon, and Protanium Diavelo.

Bosch Mid Drive
Bosch Mid Drive incorporated into a Trek


There are factories in China making large numbers of a cylindrical motor with a worm reduction gear that drives a chainwheel. This is a much cheaper arrangement than the integral mid drive motor and chainwheel incorporated into the frame. The brands with this arrangement of mid drive motor include HiTek, Evelo and Aseako.

Chainwheel Mid Motor
Chainwheel Mid Motor


These motors have integrated motor and chainwheel and can directly replace the pedals and chainwheel of most bikes. The motors are made by AEG and Bafang. Bafang BBS02 is being made in thousands and will appear in some brands and is available singly for individual e-bike conversion.

Bafang BBS02 Mid motor
Bafang BBS02 (without chainwheel and cranks)

PS . I have a 250Watt and 350Watt BBS02 that I am trying. I’ll sell them soon. See Conversion Kits