• No, you do not need to register your electric bike (some provisos ).
  • No, you do not need compulsory third party insurance.
  • No, you do not need a car or moped license.
  • Yes, normal bicycle rules apply : yes to helmet, hand signals, bike lanes, lights at night. No to anywhere a bicycle is not allowed.
  • Yes, the bikes have a battery strength indicator so you will know when battery is nearly flat.
  • No, it does not matter at what stage you recharge the battery.
  • Yes, you can recharge it from a powerpoint as you do for a laptop computer, and with a similar charger.
  • No, it doesn’t matter if it rains while riding (no more so than for an ordinary bike).The electrics are sealed and water runs off the battery and motor. Of course one has to be careful with wet roads but puddles or wet roads are not a problem because the bike is electric. Just avoid deep water, (not close to controller box).
  • Speed? Up to about 25kmh, or about 10kmh faster than most people ride an ordinary bike.
  • Price? That depends more than anything on the batteries. There are two types : lead or lithium. Lead is heavy and cheap, and usually comes with a heavy steel frame, and so e-bikes with lead battery are cheap, but heavy. Lithium is light, and usually come with aluminium frame, so e-bikes with lithium battery are much lighter, and to be light is worth much more.

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