Electric Bike .com

Their “about” page says it well

We are a group of enthusiasts committed to movement via electric bike. We are true believers in the promotion of electric bikes as an exciting transportation medium of the future. We are motivated to inform the public to make electric bikes more affordable, higher quality and more mainstream.

This is an “anything you want to know” site.  They have a excellent archive of interesting articles about electric bikes that you can spend many an hour perusing. There are many “10 of” lists, reviews of new mainstream and futuristic e-bikes, e-bike conversions, and featured stories.

Electric Bike Report

Pete Probus runs this very informative electric bike blog/info site. Pete is very much into the electric bike scene in US. (the Australian e-bike scenario is more like the US than the European).

Pete has a bike shop in Sedona in US state Arizona. I’ve done some hiking there. It’s a spectacular place and I imagine it would be fantastic on a mountain bike. (If you go to South Rim of the Grand Canyon do go see Sedona near there on other side of route 66). Pete tests many new models of electric bikes on the trails around Sedona and makes the best reviews of e-bikes that I know of.

Pete is very active with the news reporting and posts news or reviews most days. You can join his electric bike community, or peruse his many posts, many  reviews, many guides, at electricbikereport.com

The E-Bike page in Bike Biz

Some bicycle sites have a good page for e-bike news and comments. Bike Biz is one such. This site has more emphasis on English and European electric bike scene. They have some good writers knowledgeable about e-bikes, and they are finding and posting articles from a variety of publications. You can join their forum at www.bikebiz.com

The Bike page in Treehugger.com

Some general technology and environment info/blog sites have interesting articles on bicycles, some of which are about electric bicycles. Treehugger.com is one such.



Hub motor repair and upgrade

Throttle testing and repair



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