A Yike Bike

O that name. They must have wanted anything rhyming with bike. This was designed in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Their very informative website lists many dealers in many countries, www.yikebike.com

There are more than 20 videos linked on the site. They do want you to see people using and having fun on a Yike Bike.

The Yike Bike is a very neat well thought out design, and incorporates innovations that we will see more of in future.

The most obvious innovation is the hubless wheel. That is re-inventing a wheel. The concept has been around but in a production vehicle is new (apart from the big hamster wheel vehicles with rider wholly inside). It is the rim that is driven and the weight is transferred directly to rim.  So there is no chain, gears or pedals.

Ergonomically the Yike Bike is more a motorised chair than a bicycle.
It’s a mini penny-farthing type but with with “handlebar” behind the rider. Posture is more like a chair also, as is getting on or off.

So, not having pedals, and having footrests this is not a bicycle in Europe, Australia and…most places, and therefore cannot legally be ridden on a road. In Australia it could not even be ridden on a footpath, or public space (like Segway type scooters)

It is very compact folding, light and easily carried, and thus probably would be accepted on public transport. If it weren’t for its inherent illegality it would be good for getting to/from both ends of a public transport commute, or short rides of a kilometre or two.

It is mid expensive at about $4000, but compared with a Segway it is
less than half the price, much lighter and transportable, more stable,
more useful, and more fun to ride.  Many cities in Europe have Segway Tours – maybe they can now offer Yike Bike tours.

Watch a Yike yiking


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