PennyFarthing-1retro-1What would the first pedal cycle have looked like if its 19th-century pioneers had enjoyed access to today’s advanced materials? This modern version of an 1865 design was a demonstration by German chemical giant BASF of the wide range of modern materials they produce. 1865 was the year of BASF’s founding.
It’s a one-off. You can see videos of it being ridden
but they are not likely to go into production.
This modern version incorporates a detachable battery in the seat
and 24 innovative new materials.

“Penny-farthing” type e-bikes are not likely to be e-bikes of the future. Not only are they ungainly but they are inherently slow…
(and don’t try going uphill on one…you’d need a big, big push on the pedals). One turn of the pedals on most modern bikes will turn the bike’s wheels about 3 times, but for a penny-farthing it is obviously only one turn of the big wheel. That big 39″ wheel is 50% larger than a 26″ wheel so one turn of its pedal will take the bike about half as far as one turn of the pedal of a 26″ bike.

Read more :  Concept 1865 – Rethinking Materials

or imagine your self riding this

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