Gi e-Bike, Another KickStarter Project


When you start to design an electric bike without any preconception of what an electric bicycle should look like (and more and more seem to be doing that) and only knowing that it should have a seat to sit on, pedals somewhere within reach of that, a wheel, or 2 or 3 or 4, a motor somewhere somehow making a wheel go around, a battery somewhere to power it, and maybe some way of steering the bike, you might come up with something like this :

So far we’ve seen bikes having
wheels without axle like Yike Bike
(also has steering behind the seat)
single strut forks that makes the folded bike more compact (Jive Bike, this Gi, and others)
batteries within the frame (this Gi and others)
motor completely hidden within the frame (Vivax)
motors replacing bottom bracket (this Gi, first BionX and now many other mid drive central motors, Bafang BB replacement kits)
shaft or rubber belt drive, and even no drive
powered pedals ( Britt pedals)
motor, battery and controller all within a wheel, and without wires (FlyKly wheel, Copenhagen wheel, Wize e-bike)
autonomous power control by tiltmeter and torque sensor (Copenhagen)
wireless control by wifi to/from phone (some of the above) for
speed, distance, GPS, readouts and locking of the bike by the same phone
vertical plane folding (Jive, Gi, and others)
what next?
a bike with wings? maybe even that . [ I was posting some “spun” articles (!!!yes, I know) and was amused by the result when “trip on my bike” was changed to flight on my bike]
here’s the story of Gi bike under development by KickStarter (more and more seem to be produced by the crowd) . You could subscribe and be one of the first to get one, for about $3300, which seems to be the price for top notch these days.

Check out the Gi bike here

excerpts :

Folds quickly

Then wheels along like a suitcase

It only takes 1 second and one motion to fold. After folding, it is easy to carry, like a wheeled-luggage, you just grab the handles and go.

Smart controls

Smartphone integration, GPS, social networking, a full control of Gi’s features and an integrated USB port connects you to your city like no other.

Easy to lock, easy to share. The Gi-Bike's integrated anti-theft lock has a feature that locks automatically once you walk 10 feet away from your bike. You can also add users to your Gi, so it’s super-easy to share with friends and family.

a wheel rim that glows

Highest percentage of urban bicycle accidents are car side-hits. Gi’s frontal wheel smart LED lights turn on at night, gaining visibility in darker hours thus making the safest ride possible.

and more

If you go and subscribe to support the project you can get an earlybird bike for about $3300, or about $330 less than the production bikes.

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