This is another available soon that is following the trend away from bicycle frames as we have known them.

Jive Electric Bicycle
Jive Electric Bike

Jive say that this bike will be available to the first 100 people who sign up and take delivery in London about end of March. This is another crowd sourced project. Crowd sourcing for innovative designs is becoming more common. (the FlyKly wheel was another).

The design is more a work of art than a typical bike frame. Much thought has been put into making a neat design. It’s light at 15kg and at 25kmh as fast as is allowed in europe. The range is said to be 32km, so I guess the lithium battery is about 7AH. The drive train is a notable departure. It is a folded shaft within the frame. Jive may expect that the customers won’t be the type who will do their own servicing, so they will service the apply some grease to the drive train for them every year.

The design is all the more neat for there being just the cable to the motor and no other electric wires showing. It’s not that they are tucked inside : it’s because the controls and feedback are wifi-ed to and from a smart phone on the handlebar.

The folding is also very neat, with the added advantage that the folded bike can be pushed along.

Jive bike folding
Jive bike folding

Jive-5 Jive-6 Jive-7Jive electric bicycle being folded

At 1500 pounds ( ~ $Au2830) it would be too elite for all but a few aussie buyers so I’ll keep to my 20″ folding bikes at less than half the price and greater range.

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