From, a Korean company.

Their description claims they want to promote “a new way of moving”, “a mobility lifestyle, not just another vehicle”, “human focussed design”.

It is a neat elegant design for an electric bicycle but I think they are being a little too hypey. I think their claim of “cruise up 21 degree hills effortlessly” is an exaggeration, as is their claim to have the world’s first chainless e-bike. In their case “chainless” because pedals in the usual place drive a generator,  not a chain, and that charges a battery which runs the motor.

So, like many other e-bikes, pedaling is optional (quite evidently so in the videos). “Stylish fitness” they say, but it is a very stylish exercise bike – the first e-bike you can sit on and charge the battery.

It was designed as a “commuter vehicle for regular humans, not bicycle enthusiasts” and (so) has top speed of about 25 kmh and range of about 30km. (36v 8AH battery). They claim their riders have unique choice of pedal assistance or throttle.  That is very common, but it does have an intelligent automatic gear change,  and that is unique. It folds neatly, and rolls like a suitcase when folded.

Production status and price is not said, but expect about $4000, if it is produced. Read more :  the maker’s description or  article by Atlantic Cities with some videos of people riding, and folding the bike

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