Another Crowd Sourced Bike – the Visiobike shows where the very best e-bikes will be

To quote Visiobike : “We wanted Visiobike to be a stunning blend of futurism and elegance. So we designed an innovative frame that contains and hides the electronics and drivetrain. The motor and battery are artfully integrated under the naked carbon fibre skin.”

This is another following the idea “how would be make an e-bike if we had no preconceptions and were starting from scratch”

It is another project to be funded by the “crowd”

It is a neat design and has the very best available components, and as such represents a high tide mark for future e-bikes with

  • built in central motor with claimed 45kmh
  • battery within frame with claimed 100km range
  • belt drive
  • continuously variable gears
  • wifi controls to mounted phone including rear view, GPS, Google maps, speed and travel data, bike lock, emergency call
  • rear view camera with automatic accident recording
  • carbon fibre frame
  • automatic lights

I don’t expect many of you will ever get this one at 5050euro for 250W (~$au7500) or 5550euro for 500W plus the cost of shipping one to Australia, but it does show where the future of e-bikes is going.  The website is worth a look. Maybe you can contribute $50 for a T-shirt for support.


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