Central drive conversion motors are becoming more talked about. I see a lot of lookers for the Bafang unit. That’s quite discreet but here is a very much neater and “invisible” conversion.
With this motor installed it is not at all obviously an electric bike. The motor is completely hidden within the down tube and secretly drives the pedal axle . In order to do that the makers (Gruber Antrieb GmbH)

Vivax Assist - an invisible conversion
Vivax Assist – an invisible conversion

have designed an extremely thin motor…so thin that it fits in a bike’s down tube. 200 Watts in such a thin motor is quite an achievement. Not all bikes though have a tube thin enough. The tube needs to be 31mm clear, and maybe it needs to be filed at the junction with the bottom bracket. In keeping with the secret motor the battery hangs from the saddle and looks like a bike tool bag. One little problem with that is that the battery …30v and 5.5AH … has only less than half the capacity of a typical 36v 10AH bike battery. Though, the whole conversion, motor and battery is etremely light at a hardly noticeable 1.7kg!.
I can’t see these being installed on any ordinary bike. Why? The recommended price is EUR2550 and EUR159 to install. That’s over $AU4000! Well, it’s the ultimate sneaky conversion for anyone who doesn’t want to look like they are riding an electric bike.

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