10 x 10 ELECTRIC BICYCLE … Fastest, Secrets, Pleasures, and more

10 Electric Bicycle 10 ofs Fastest, Crashes, Tips and more

I look for interesting articles about e-bikes. There are not many sites or blogs that have articles about electric bicycles (specifically). The best source I know of is www.electricbike.com. That is a site for information, not selling, and it is worth going through the monthly archives.

Sometimes an interesting article about electric bicycles appears on a site for bicycles or new or green technology in general.

Here is a collection of 10 ofs that I found on www.electricbike.com

10 E-Bike Crashes Caught on Tape.

These videos are mostly of riders making avoidable mistakes. Noone gets seriously hurt (the guy at the top with chalk line all around looks serious, but there's comedy after that) and so these are G rated videos.

10 Secret Intrinsic Benefits of an Electric Bike.

This is for the more wholesome hippy and happy among you wanting to get out into nature, save the environment, ride with your children. To quote : "Riding an electric bike is nectar for the soul. It also makes you a more content, self-actualized person in ways impossible to quantify in words…" I like that.

10 bikes designed by Auto Makers.

Some fancy looking bikes here , but will any make it in their own right - other than as an expensive accessory to an expensive car? Actually, yes, the Smart is now in production.

10 Fastest Production Electric Bikes.

Up to 100kph, and that's nice! These are actually in production, but none are legal on a road, anywhere, even in US, and the only one you might see here is the Stealth bike... because it is made here. Nothing over 250w can be imported. Bikes are reviewed and ranked for speed, sexiness, stealth, weight and (high) price.

10 fastest home or garage made e-bikes

. In contrast these speedsters are made by real enthusiasts. To eliminate false claims and get their bragging rights they needed a YouTube vid to prove their claim for legend status

10 Dangers Unique to Electric Bikes.

Most of these won't apply to any bike on this site, especially if you are sensible. Note that the second can easily happen, but that scary looking fire in the fourth is very unlikely to happen with factory made lithium batteries, especially LiFePO4 batteries.

10 Hedonistic Pleasures of Riding an Electric Bike

"This list is all about how an electric bike can make your life more pleasant and comfortable. Warning, this list is for selfish thinkers who are not married with kids" .From flattening the hills, to getting delightfully slim
hill flatten poster

flatten the hills San Francisco style

10 Turn Key Cruiser Electric Bikes

For the very style concious - no dorky city style e-bikes here!
beach cruiser e-bike

Beach Cruiser California style

10 High Costs of Fast E-bikes

not that you'll ever have one, but fast e-bikes have to overcome drawbacks such as not only do you not look like a regular bike, you won't sound like one. So, if your goal is to fit right in with the other bicycle riders, you should not aspire to own a fast electric bike 

10 Tips for Buying an Electric Bike

All good sense, but relating to US or Europe where e-bike shops are more common. They are less common in Australia and you are more likely to buy an e-bike and have it sent to you by a shop that does send them to all parts of Australia r your text here...

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