21 things you can do with an electric bike

So many things you can do with an electric bike- 21 and counting

  • You can get fit (or fitter). Yes, you can. Just like going for a walk…but it’s more fun and you go about 3 or 4 times faster and further.
  • You can commute to work and hitch your horse, the bike, at the front door.
  • You can take your commute vehicle, your bike, to the train, onto the train, and away from the train.
  • You can go faster than the bus, and not need to wait for it, nor pay the fare.
  • For fun and excitement you can go steep and fast on a high power mountain bike.
  • You can glide past the traffic jam and wave to those waiting, waiting for it move.
  • You can park all day where the signs say “no” and not get a ticket, and do it for free.
  • You can drive without a licence, and drive without bothering to get registration or roadworthy certificate.
  • You can live years longer because of the riding and because of not sitting in a car.
  • You can yelled at or run off the road by hoons.
  • You can get wind in your hair and love it, and get soaking wet and not love it.
  • You needn’t pay the harbour Bridge toll, or the London city toll.
  • You can get exercise riding to the gym and back, without going inside.
  • Your vehicle can pay for itself infinitly faster. That is one year divided by never.
  • You can get home after the last bus has gone.
  • You can stow a folding electric bike easily in your car, caravan, yacht or light plane and go riding when you get to wherever you get to.
  • You can get rid of a second car when you realise all those short trips are best done on a bicycle.
  • You can ride back alleys, shortcuts, laneways and tracks where a car cannot go.
  • You can be glad to be greener than them in their cars.
  • If the family that rides together stays together it’s better if the young ones have some etra power to keep up.
  • You can keep enjoying good mobility and doing all manner of nice things years after cohorts are stuck in a chair with wheels and unable to do those nice things. And I am looking forward to that!

Feel free to suggest more things we can do with an electric bike, especially things that those without cannot do.

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