an electric bike from VW

VW E-bike

An e-bike from Toyota

Toyota E-bike

An electric bike produced by Smart (division of Mercedes)

Smart E-bike

An ordinary e-bike from porsche

Porsche E-bike Come on Porsche give us an eb-911! -

An E-bike from Mercedes. The Smart e-bike is smarter

Mercedes E-bike

An e-bike from Lexus.

Lexus E-Bike

A folding E-bike from Honda

Honda E-bike

An electric bike from Ford

Ford E-bike

An E-bike from BMW

BMW E-Bike - will it fit in your SLK? - yes

Audi E-Bike

Audi E-Bike


I’ve seen reference to about 10 electric bicycles concepts or planned productions by carmakers – Audi, VW, Mercedes and other european makers plus Ford.

It beats me why car makers want to make electric bikes. Cars and bicycles are as different from one another as are washing machines and refrigerators.

Two are “transportation” and two are “appliances”. Maybe it’s branding in the same way Gucci can sell perfume or a handbag and Hermes a scarf or a briefcase. Either way they make a lot of money – more than the no name brands can dream of. So don’t expect a low priced e-bike from Audi or Mercedes.

It seems to me that the biggest departures from what has been the usual bike shapes that have slowly evolved over the last century and more have come from designers outside the bicycle industry.

Car makers too are likely to design a bicycle with a fresh perspective.
This is what Smart say on their site :

smart stands for innovation, functionality and joie de vivre. Our smart products have an unconventional design, high technology demands and are your ideal companion in urban regions.

No doubt there are some brilliant and unconventional  designers in the Daimler-Mercedes-Smart group. What can they come up with for an electric bike?

Here is video of Smart e-bike being made

Apart from the usual specifications for a european e-bike (PAS with 25kmh limit) it has some interesting trending features

  • the usual bike chain is replaced by a belt drive
  • control and a multitude of functions by smart phone – and immobilised without it
  • automatically varying gear ratio
  • regenerative braking

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