Electric Bicycles are good for you…Because

Electric bicycles are good for your health AND gift you years of happier, active more mobile life

Yes, it is odd that something that reduces your effort can actually increase your activity, and so improve your fitness. But electric bicycles do do just that. The simple fact that because it is easier it is more enjoyable and you are more likely to ride it and go somewhere.

If you have a bike at home you know it doesn’t get used as much as it could. If you do go out for a good solid workouts on your bike, fast, with some hills, then that’s excellent, and you are likely to be a very fit person. You can be a quite fit also with more modest, but regular, exercise. And this is what you are more likely to do when you have an electric bike.

You don’t have to put in such a big effort to get up the hills or to get along at a good 25kmh, about as fast as an average bus trip and you won’t arrive at the shops or school or uni or work hot and sweaty, nor be exhausted when you get home.

With an electric bike you put in as much effort as you are comfortable with, and that effort is boosted by the bike. You will feel the real boost like a strong tail wind pushing you along. It is the effort that you do put in that is good for you.

Many medical reports confirm that modest regular exercise is the biggest, and easiest, mprovement you can make to your health, some recently reporting that it can add 10 years of good active and happier life. To me, and to you too I expect, that is priceless!…you won’t be poor old Grandpa away in a Home somewhere, but surrounded by and doing enjoyable things with your family…which is worth far, far more than the mere $ benefits below.

Going to work, school, uni, or to shops on a bicycle for half an hour or so on most days is just the sort of modest regular exercise that will give you those extra active years to enjoy, happier and more mobile…plus riding a bicycle is also more effective and economical than the alternative…gym workouts plus driving the car…and it gets you to somewhere you want to go, for fun and for free.

(AND you can lose weight by riding your bicycle!)

I would like to see you all riding a bicycle, but I know many of you would only be able to ride a bike if was an easier-to-ride electric bicycle.

Electric bicycles save you money

After using all the energy in the battery after about 50km a recharge will cost about 12 cents and you should allow about 50 cents towards an eventual battery replacement. That works out at a cent and a bit per kilometre. No other transport comes close to that! Using your car for the same trips costs many times more, plus more for the parking costs.

And all those short public transport trips? Over time they add up and would pay for a bike. In most cities any short ride is about $3-$3.50, or $60 for 5 return trips per week.

Electric bicycles are good for the environment

E-bikes are a very environmentally friendly, especially if you would otherwise use a car. Your riding produces about one thousandth of the CO2 than would you and the car, and the other noxious stuff, than comes from a typical 200KW 1500kg car.

That’s not counting all the huge car manufacturing factories to make it and the hugely expensive engineering for the bridges, earthworks, flyovers, property resumption, needed for increasing numbers of cars wanting to go somewhere, or the increased congestion where new freeways are not possible. Every extra car adds to the marginal cost of the whole road system, and the whole of that is paid by us all.

It is so much the better if by riding a bike you can do without a car (or second car).

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