you can lose weight and get fit for free *

Never mind all the spam stuff with exotic extracts and bogus celebrity endorses -
this is something you can do that is good for you, and everyone else!

Suppose you are an average person and travel to school, uni, work shops and back every day and you hop in the car to go those places or you catch a bus tram or train…

Have you ever considered an alternative?
Walking? no, too far, too long
or jogging to work maybe?
Great..but O what an effort!
It would keep you fit but you’d arrive hot and sweaty
Biking? the same?

NO, not anymore
There are electric bikes now
And you ride them like a bird on the wing
with the wind behind you

but wait on…
how can that make you fit?

ah, but that’s the secret
it’s because it’s easy you will do it…and enjoy it.

You’ve got (we’ve all got) a bike on the back verandah and (be honest) you don’t use it but you will now when you think about this…

Just 10 km each way in a car everyday will cost you over $600 in an average car per year (apart from the cost just to own register and insure) and a single section bus tram or train ticket at $3 or more twice a day will cost you over $1500 per year.
And gym fees maybe as much again!

You can save most of that.
Buying a new electric bike can pay for itself in 12 months
and, after that time your travelling is effectively free.
That’s fine, but here’s the real bonus…

you get fit for free and you lose weight for free
You see, it works like this…
with an electric bike you make the effort that you are comfortable with…
that may start off small but becomes more…
the bike makes the extra effort needed to go so, you only make half, or less, effort than it takes to go anywhere, but you know you are 10 times as likely to go anywhere and then to go 10 times as far.
Such as riding a bike to or from work, not once, but five times a week
when in reality you are not likely to do it even once.

So that’s the secret …
you are so much more likely to do it
you can get into the habit of doing regular exercise…
and hardly know you are doing it.

Frequent regular exercise like walking is reported to be
better than occasional workouts in a gym…
and it’s a good and pleasant thing to do…
but to actually go anywhere?
If it would take 2 hours to walk to work …
you could get there in 20 to 30 minutes on an electric bike…
that is a few minutes more than in a car,
but quicker than the bus.

And for those who go a long distance there is now the option of
riding a light fold-up bike to the train and taking it with you and
resuming riding when you get off.

And some nice littles bonuses are…
no looking for a park,
nor paying for one,
and getting right close to the front door
(almost for free after the payback),
no need for the gym, or the running
(but you can still do that) ,
use a lot less fuel and so,
you save the environment.

But better than that..
You get fit and you lose weight.

And much, much better than that…
you could have an extra 10 years of…
more active, more mobile, happier and healthier life…
and that is priceless !…no amount of $ can buy that…

now get on your bike – an e-bike from Value-e-Bikes

* this story may not be for everyone…
just those who use a car or bus tram or train most days

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